Carpenter Ants

If you have witnessed Carpenter Ant activity on or around your home or property, They may be attempting to establish a satellite colony in your structure. Once these industrious arthropods form a satellite colony in your structure, you may have a hard time noticing them again. That is because after satellite colonization, they do most of their foraging at night, or in low light evenings. They travel back and forth from your home carrying food for larva, or even bringing more larva from the Queen's main outside colony nest. If this activity goes unchecked for a long enough period of time a main colony could be established somewhere in your home, with a new queen being developed. We can apply a perimeter barrier around the bottom part of your house that will result in the extermination of both the satellite colony under construction in your home and the queens main colony outside your home. Contact us about this perimeter treatment, results are guaranteed of course.