Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles (sometimes misidentified as lady bugs) were originally brought into this country to help protect agricultural crops, primarily nuts and fruits from crop damaging aphids and scales. They are now common throughout North America. They aren't considered much of a pest until large numbers of them converge on your home in early to late Fall, seeking refuge from the impending colder weather that we experience in this part of the country. As warmer Spring like temperatures occur, we receive numerous calls asking what can be done about all the Asian Beetles flying around or crawling on the walls and windows, stinking the place up when eradicated by a fly swatter. At this point, the only practical solution is the vacuum cleaner, many times daily, as they can gain entrance by the thousands.

The real solution is prevention, as part of our Fall service, we will treat the exterior of your home efficiently and thoroughly, with emphasis around the possible access points. We have had fantastic success with the methods we use. Call us in the late Summer or early Fall, then you won't be calling in the Spring asking what you can do about all the beetles flying and crawling around in your house.